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LA’s Matcha Craze Hits Silver Lake Next With Arrival of NYC’s MatchaBar

It’s the company’s West Coast debut

Upcoming location of MatchaBar
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Matcha, the antioxidant-rich green tea powder that has become wildly popular in New York City, is beginning to make waves in Los Angeles. First there was Beverly Grove’s Matcha Box and Venice’s Shuhari Matcha Café along with the impending arrival of Little Tokyo’s Midori Matcha cafe. Expect the whole phenomenon to jump to new heights though, when New York’s favorite green tea retailer MatchaBar comes to town.

MatchaBar currently has locations in Brooklyn and Chelsea, with a wholesale operation that sells bottled products across Southern California’s Whole Foods chain. But now, the company has set its sights on Los Angeles with the brand’s first West Coast location (besides a brief two-day stint at the uber hip Alfred back in 2015), dropping into Silver Lake with an opening scheduled for Saturday, February 4.

Landing right next to Millie’s on Sunset Boulevard, the former boutique space will not only offer MatchaBar’s highly Instagrammable matcha beverages with exclusive LA drinks, but will also collaborate with local purveyors for unique experience. That means breakfast and lunch fare that comes by way of Highland Park’s Amara Kitchen as well as bread and other options from Gjusta in Venice.

If all goes well, expect MatchaBar to start work on a second undisclosed LA-area location too — though that location so far has not been disclosed.

3534 Sunset Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA