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There’s Always More to Discover With LA’s Sprawling Restaurant Scene

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Plus a Burgerlords update, a shutter in Beverly Hills, and big names dine at Union

An old image of Pecos Bill’s in Burbank

Always keep your eyes peeled

Thanks to LA’s sprawling size, the opportunity for discovery is always at hand. You might have a hold on this town from one perspective or one neighborhood, but venturing outside of those well-trod tracks almost always brings new experiences that you just won’t find kicking over the same old cans from inside your comfort zone. That’s certainly true of dining in Los Angeles, where getting out and about means there’s always the possibility of stumbling onto a truly hidden gem, even if that diamond in the rough has been around for decades.

That’s true of places like Art’s, the South LA chili dog legend, as well as Pecos Bill’s, a tiny barbecue operation running up in Glendale. The LA Times took some time to check out the nearly 75-year-old operation, and comes away with a claim that this old-timer might just be doing the best pulled pork sandwich anywhere in the county. Strong words, but then again the place has had an entire lifespan to perfect the recipe. It just goes to show you: great restaurants are hiding under your nose all the time. Get out there and find some for yourself.

Under-the-radar eats in Long Beach

In sticking with a theme, LA Weekly seems intent in this piece to blow up all the best low key spots in Long Beach. The sister city to the south doesn’t always get the shine it deserves, but this look at some of the better dining options out that way shows there’s lots to keep people from LA proper coming back.

Them Burgerlords boys

The Burgerlords team got up and running at their second location in Highland Park, staging a grand opening party earlier this week at the Hi Hat, the attached space where they run the kitchen and takeout window. They’re currently retooling some things after the big opening, but will be up and running permanently soon.

Bow Truss closes in Beverly Hills

As mentioned yesterday, it seems that Bow Truss Coffee Roasters has indeed closed in Beverly Hills. What’s more, they actually closed all of their locations as part of a walk-out by employees over unpaid wages and other business issues. Eater Chicago has all the gritty details.

Wine and small plates in Silver Lake?

There’s life again at the shuttered Cowboys & Turbans space in Silver Lake, as folks have been actively working inside the space for more than a few weeks now. Indeed, an ABC license posted to the front talks of an option called Tintorera, which one tipster says sounds like a wine and small bites kind of place. Got more details? Feel free to hit the tip line, or leave your comments below.

Where to eat when you eat for a living

The awesome Lesley Bargar Suter of LA Magazine takes to the pages of her own publication (she’s the James Beard Award-winning dining editor there) to talk about her go-to restaurants. Sure, hip and buzzy places are part of the conversation, but for standbys and trusted experiences, these are her favorite spots.

A big night for Union in Pasadena

Chef Bruce Kalman was on hand the other night at his restaurant Union in Pasadena to welcome in legends Alice Waters and Jacques Pepin. According to his and the restaurant’s social media feed, the dining companions had a great meal, and even stepped into the kitchen to work the line for a moment or two. Sounds like an awesome night all around.

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