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This New Filipino Food Documentary Looks Awesome

Plus an Alton Brown sighting in Los Angeles, and more

A still from the upcoming ULAM

The movement, from the inside

It’s fascinating to watch the modern Filipino food movement happen live in Los Angeles. Usually trends and tidewaters are measured after the fact, but in this instance people like Alvin Cailan and Charles Olalia (Rice Bar) can be seen, in real time, doing something special. It makes the whole narrative around Filipino food more compelling, that’s for sure.

And as if on cue, here comes what looks to be a pretty awesome documentary about it all. Called ULAM, which apparently means “main dish,” the film jumps from Unit 120 to restaurant kitchens across the country to discuss the tricky, sticky issue of growing a cultural culinary food movement, one restaurant at a time.

The trailer, posted above, certainly doesn’t give everything away, but does offer a glimpse at just how tough it can be to have the weight of something on your shoulders while also just trying to cook really delicious food. The indie film is still coming together so you may not see a finished full cut of ULAM for a while, but here’s to hoping it’s sooner rather than later. Because as the folks depicted in the documentary will tell you: the movement doesn’t wait.

$1 pulled pork sandwiches, anyone?

The only recently-opened Belle Belle’s Cue is doing a big giveaway for all their new fans. On January 26 between 11 a.m. and 4 p.m., guests can stop in for $1 pulled pork sandwiches (one per person) until they run out. No strings attached, just show up.

Alton Brown loves Little Fatty

Look who got caught chowing down at Little Fatty in Mar Vista? None other than Alton Brown, TV food personality extraordinaire. Sure the photo itself is a little ... much, but who can help themselves when the Taiwanese food there starts hitting the table?

Hey, @eater_la thanks for sending me to @littlefattyla!

A photo posted by Alton Brown (@altonbrown) on

More love for Ragtop Fern’s

Take a look at this L.A. Taco piece on Ragtop Fern’s, the Koreatown-ish street barbecue operation that’s been gaining steam of late. The place still seems to be firing on all cylinders, making for one really fun weekend barbecue getaway to experience.

All day rose at Brack Shop Tavern

Feel like drinking some pink wine while watching the game? Starting Sunday, you can do $22 bottomless rose at Downtown’s Brack Shop Tavern, to go along with their full slate of breakfast and brunch options (including vegan nachos, their burger, and a breakfast burrito). All you gotta do is get there (maybe don’t drive?) on Sundays.

GGET and Dinosaur coffee collab on shirts for a cause

Feel like helping out in one of the hippest ways possible? Order this risque shirt from the teams behind Go Get Em Tiger and Dinosaur Coffee. It’s a project called Come Together, and proceeds from their sale will benefit the ACLU.

Dinner from on high

In case you haven’t yet experienced the glory of dining 71 floors above street level at the aptly-named 71Above, you can at least get an idea of what the sunsets from up there look like. In fact, there’s a whole collection of them on Instagram now, so follow long for a beautiful glimpse of the good life.

cloudy, 57F, sunset at 17:11

A photo posted by 71Above Sunsets (@71above_sunsets) on

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