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A Beautiful Behind-the-Scenes Peek at What Makes Kali Tick

A Chef’s Table-esque look inside one of last year’s biggest hits

Kali: Taste of Inspiration

One of 2016’s biggest restaurant stories has been Kali, the upscale casual newcomer that landed almost exactly one year ago along Melrose. Chef Kevin Meehan and partner/wine guru Drew Langley have created something special: an easygoing restaurant that can go both high and low, putting together a versatile menu that comes with a ton of heart and technique.

And now they’re getting a bit of the Chef’s Table-esque treatment, thanks to Jon Berkowitz and producer Simone Benyacar of Crispy Bits. The gorgeously shot short film above walks through the growth of the restaurant, the spirit of what Meehan and Langley are trying to do, and Meehan’s own personal perspective on being a chef and owning his own restaurant. Enjoy.


1748 Rue Notre-Dame Ouest, Le Sud-Ouest, QC H3J 1M3 (514) 937-6688 Visit Website

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