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Meet the Women Who Make LA’s Restaurant Scene Go Round

Plus the true Howlin’ Ray’s experience and an update on Ramen Roll

Nyesha Arrington of Leona

The women who make it work

Last weekend’s global Women’s March movement saw millions of people (with a reported 750,000 in Los Angeles alone) take to the streets in political protest, with many focused on issues of equality for women, both in larger society and in the workplace. It’s a striking chord for many in the restaurant industry, as Eater editor in chief Amanda Kludt has pointed out previously in this very necessary read on the culinary gender gap.

Another way to talk about women in the restaurant industry is, well, to talk about them, with media profiles and awards and round-ups and everything else normally associated with the food media landscape. In fact, LA Weekly has done just that, highlighting a who’s who of female chefs and restaurant leads that continue to make this city run. Everyone from Suzanne Tracht to Ria Wilson to Natasha Phan gets mentioned, though there are countless more names to drop onto the list. And for an even broader collection of the great women leading the culinary revolution, Life & Thyme has been tweeting for days about all the awesome female chefs and restaurant owners they’ve worked with over the years. Both are important, and offer names of folks you should familiarize yourself with, because these are the people helping to change everything.

The Howlin’ Ray’s experience

Still haven’t been able to brave the lines at Howlin’ Ray’s? Now you can get a pretty accurate (though without the sounds, smells, and taste, of course) depiction of just how chef Johnny Ray Zone and his crew do things down at Far East Plaza. Enjoy.

How the the crew gets down. by @velofilms #HOWLINCREW

A video posted by HOWLIN' RAY'S (@howlinrays) on

Killer Shrimp takes over

Looks like a takeover at Hermosa Beach’s long-running The Mermaid bar, with the team behind Killer Shrimp stepping in to run the joint. The 70-year old drink spot will add food from the Killer Shrimp team, including bowls and crab claws, with a full unveiling of the new Killer Shrimp at The Mermaid slated to come in the spring

Ramen Roll coming

Look out, Culver City: Ramen Roll is almost here. The upcoming option from Adam Fleischman and Kiyoshiro Yamamoto is about two weeks out, Eater is told, with construction mostly done and staff training well underway.

More on that in a moment

Speaking of Fleischman, Curbed just listed his home for sale (in case you’re interested, or just feel like looking around). It’s a nearly $3 million stunner and comes with a nice looking pool, which is what being the co-founder of both Umami Burger and 800 Degrees gets you.

What don’t we need?

FoodGPS tackles the tricky issue of restaurant grievances, lining up a few of the bigger pet peeves around. Among them: the still-prevalent overuse of Styrofoam containers, and being called “boss” or “chief” by waitstaff. Ugh.

When GCM gets mobbed

Look who showed up to Grand Central Market? Everybody. Apparently pouring three-quarters of a million people into Downtown will result in a bit of congestion at the already busy weekend market, as this shot from the endless lines inside the building shows.

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