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The entrance to Birds & Bees in Downtown

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Birds & Bees Is Downtown’s Jazzy New Subterranean Speakeasy

Complete with a hidden entrance

Step inside the latest Downtown drinking den, Birds & Bees. This subterranean newcomer sports an industrial-chic vibe, and comes complete with a hidden entrance.

Innocuously located beneath a Broadway office tower, this 120-seater boasts lots of wood, open ceilings, and the kind of turn-of-the-century steel and cement not seen since the The Edison. You’ll find casual lounge seating, stools at the bar, and four-tops for groups to congregate, all wrapped in a 1950’s flair thanks to designer Raveled Studio.


As for the drinks, owners Ankur and Dev Desai have brought on Marcos Tello to consult through the opening menu, while Bethany Ham is the bar manager and Nikki Sunseri is the GM. Drinks run seasonally but skew classic, including a run of cocktails from the mid-century era that aren’t much in use these days. The opening cocktail menu is below.

Birds & Bees officially opens on Saturday, January 28, and will keep hours Monday through Wednesday from 5 p.m. to midnight, with an extension Thursday through Saturday to 2 a.m.

Birds & Bees
207 S. Broadway
Los Angeles, CA

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