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Don’t Worry, Nancy Silverton Has a Delicious Plan to Beat Any Border Wall

Plus an In-N-Out scare and LA’s only floating restaurant

Tacos from El Compita on Pico Boulevard
Paul Bartunek
Farley Elliott is the Senior Editor at Eater LA and the author of Los Angeles Street Food: A History From Tamaleros to Taco Trucks. He covers restaurants in every form, from breaking news to the culture, people, and history that surrounds LA's dining landscape.

Leave it to Nancy Silverton

In a very tongue-in-cheek post on his personal website, author Michael Krikorkian lays out a possible plan for La Brea Bakery co-founder and all-around badass partner Nancy Silverton to go toe-to-toe with any new proposed wall legislation that might be winding its way through the political machine. Per the satirical piece, Silverton plans to outdo any 50-foot walls that may spring up with her own 51-foot wall that dishes out al pastor tacos and red wine.

It’s a funny read, of course, but tackles a rather serious subject. As Eater notes, issues of food policy face a drastically different outcome than in years past under new president Trump. What’s more, immigrant sanctuary cities like Los Angeles could be in for some grave issues in the coming years. Until then, it’s business — including ladders — as usual.

LA’s floating restaurant scene

Well, it’s not really fair to call Los Angeles’ floating restaurant game a “scene,” considering there’s only one around. LA Magazine is on the case though, talking up the fun option Chowder Barge.

A look back at The Daisy

If you don’t know The Daisy, that’s okay. The place on Rodeo Drive was through the 60s a members-only club that played favorites with Steve McQueen types, but transitioned in the 70s to being open to the public — and full of sightseers out on that patio.

Just found another magazine from 1977 that features the infamous Daisy once located in #BeverlyHills on #RodeoDrive. Article reads: "Where else would you find Robert Redford, Jack Lennon, Natalie Wood, Fred Astaire, Warren Beatty and Buddy Hackett from 9am - 11pm six days a week? It's where the chic meet to eat - or be SEEN eating. On any given day you can have your choice of the Robert Redford avocado mushroom, sprouts melted cheese sandwich ($5.95), the Jack Lemmon fresh fruit and cottage cheese bowl ($5.95), the Natalie Wood fresh salad with chicken and cheese ($6.95) a Katherine Hepburn meat pattie and fresh fruit ($6.95), an OJ Simpson scrambled eggs and sliced oranges ($5.95) and a number of other tasty dishes named after various celebrities. The stars on the menu are also some of the Daisy's regulars, who dine on the sun drenched outside patio that is so crowded with tables that you literally have to crawl over other tables to find your place in the sun. Owner Jack Hanson chats regularly with customers as they stop by his table on their way in and out. Passerby on rodeo pause and lean on the daisies brick railing to shoot the breeze with their friends, Roll's Royces and chauffeured limousine vie for prime parking spots in front of the patio. The Daisy also reverberates with disco music until the wee hours of the morning. You might even find yourself on the dance floor with Barbra Streisand, Suzanne Pleshette, James Caan, Jack Nicholson, Michelle Phillips and assorted producers, directors, writers, and business owners. Jack Hansen also owns the fashionable "Jax" clothing store. He hardly looks the flashy tight jeaned, quinnia-shirted, gold chained playboy type that is so associated with the California image today. But Jack is so easy and laid back that his fashion attire seems more suited for the tennis court or a sailboat. He likes to reminisce about the old days when #TheDaisy was a private club. Membership only cost $200 and was the most exclusive club in town! Today it's open to the public". (How eerie is the description of the OJ Simpson dish though? "Sliced" orange? And the Daisy is also where OJ met Nicole). #TheDaisyBeverlyHills #VintageLosAngeles

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A Watts seafood situation

LA Weekly talks Mariscos Tocho, a seafood hit in Watts doing tostadas and an awesome-sounding papas tocho: that’s shrimp and carne asada piled over french fries and drenched in a creamy salsa.

A home milling party to know about

Interested in doing your own grain milling at home? You can head to this Saturday party at The King’s Roost in Silver Lake to get more information from Paul LeBeau, who runs a German-based milling company and works with bakers and farmers alike. The party runs 2 p.m. to 5 p.m., and should be part hangout, part information session.

Walter el Nagar returns

After a big stint traveling the world, Barbershop Ristorante chef Walter el Nagar is in town for a few weeks. That means he’s planning a couple of pop-ups (what else?), including this Life is Grace series happening next Thursday at Rays & Stark Bar at LACMA. It’s done in conjunction with chef Fernando Darin, and you can get information here.

Oyster hours in Beverly Hills

Vinoteca, tucked inside the Four Seasons in Beverly Hills, is doing a new ongoing Wednesday promotion where guests can pair a half-dozen oysters with a glass of wine for just $20. The deal runs all day, too, from 11 a.m. to 10:30 p.m.

Bad news for In-N-Out fans

It was tough times this week for In-N-Out fans desperate to get their fix right after landing at LAX. The airport-adjacent location so frequented by travelers was tented up at least as of a couple of days ago, per this image sent through by a tipster.