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Roy Choi’s POT Transitions Into “All-Day Experience” at Koreatown’s Line Hotel

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A shake-up for the hotel lobby restaurant

POT at the Line Hotel in Koreatown
Matthew Kang

Things are shaking up at the Line Hotel, with Roy Choi’s casual Korean restaurant option POT transitioning out of its current standalone space to become something more amorphous across the first floor of the building. That means no more POT the sit-down restaurant, though you should still be able to get a number of the restaurant’s dishes (or at least a version therein) out front moving forward.

Rumors have been swirling for some time that POT would be phasing out completely from their space, particularly once the place went down to weekend-only service a few months back. Guests have already been able to get miniaturized versions of POT’s more shareable dishes in the lobby, but an insider tells Eater that Saturday night is the last evening of service inside the dining room originally meant to house the restaurant.

What this new-look Line Hotel restaurant model for POT will shake out to become is still up in the air, and won’t be revealed until February 6 says Choi himself when asked about the news. He wouldn’t say too much but did want to emphasize that the restaurant is not closing, just “morphing... into an all day experience throughout the whole first floor.” Details are still coming together, but Choi did confirm that guests will be able to get POT items throughout the first floor. Meanwhile, the upstairs Commissary remains unaffected by the switcheroo.

All this begs the question of what’s to come of the soon-to-be-unused POT restaurant space. Some folks have been hinting that the room could be taken over by a different operator, but Choi says that “there is no new tenant coming in.” Eater will update here if the Line Hotel team decides to reveal their master POT plan prior to February 6, but otherwise you’ll just have to wait until then to find out.

Pot at the Line Hotel

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