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Chinatown Remains One of LA’s Most Historic Dining Neighborhoods

Plus BLD’s brunchtastic final day of service, and more

Hop Louie
Hop Louie in Chinatown
Farley Elliott
Farley Elliott is the Senior Editor at Eater LA and the author of Los Angeles Street Food: A History From Tamaleros to Taco Trucks. He covers restaurants in every form, from breaking news to the culture, people, and history that surrounds LA's dining landscape.

Chinatown’s history is undeniable

There is a long-standing culinary history to Chinatown, the Downtown-adjacent neighborhood known more recently for its hot chicken joints, craft beer brewery plans, and big residential construction sites. As LA Weekly shows in this photo series, the restaurant scene in that part of the city stretches back well over 100 years, and includes more than a few iconic names.

It’s fascinating, during the start of this Chinese New Year, to see just how much Chinatown has changed — and to revel in the magic of what’s still there. While the San Gabriel Valley is undeniably the nexus of Chinese food in Los Angeles (and the current home for nearly all of its innovations), there’s still plenty to love about the old Chinatown, its struggles, and its still-flourishing future.

It’s a fearful time for the non-profit food sector

Renowned do-gooder Robert Egger, the man behind L.A. Kitchen, is worried about the future. In this interview with Blue Avocado, he talks about the big upcoming problems he’ll face while running a non-profit food venture, from policy and strategy issues to rising food costs.

Palette takes to Atwater Village

There’s a healthy-eating newcomer in Atwater Village, as Palette Food + Juice lands near Tacos Villa Corona along Glendale Blvd. The place serves a variety of mostly grain and greens bowls with an assortment of possible toppings, as well as — you guessed it — juice from a small storefront. Now open daily but with limited hours to start at 3193 Glendale Blvd.

Palette Food & Juice

BLD’s last day is today

Want brunch really badly? Then get to BLD on Beverly, as the long-running restaurant will be dishing out blueberry pancakes and lots of eggs today for their final round of service. After that, some of the most popular items will transition over to the Neal and Amy Knoll Fraser’s other restaurant in Downtown, Redbird.

Blowtorch cooking in the Arts District

Who’s ready to have their next meal made by blowtorch? Soon you’ll be able to get just that in the Arts District, as the showy Gastro Garage team has plans to take over a large-ish space right across from Manuela in the thick of the neighborhood. LA Times says an end-of-summer arrival is likely, when guests will be able to watch men in welding masks sear steaks right in front of their eyes.

White boy tacos returns

And just like that, White Boy Tacos is back. After getting their cart confiscated and their food taken by the city, the Downtown late night pop-up has returned to roughly the same area they were crawling before, just inside this time. They’re popping up for dinner service 5 p.m. to 3 a.m. at 206 W. 8th St.

Cindy’s can’t catch a break

Another day, another problem with poor Cindy’s, the neighborhood-classic Eagle Rock diner. Apparently just weeks after returning to life from a devastating car crash through their front door, that same door was smashed in a fruitless burglary attempt. Don’t worry, just like Valerie in Echo Park, they’re up and running and more determined than ever.