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Governor Approves Plan to Officially Let Barbershops and Hair Salons Serve Alcohol

Time to get a weird haircut

A barbershop

Good news for anyone trying to work their way through a bad haircut: You can now drink a hoppy beer or glass of fine wine while you catch a trim at your local salon. According to LAist, recently enacted Assembly Bill 1322 allows for the free serving of alcoholic beverages at barbershops and hair cut spots across Southern California.

Per the Governor Jerry Brown-signed bill, as long as those establishments serving beer and wine do so without payment, then it’s all good. What’s more, the specific language of the bill makes it so that customers can’t receive more than essentially one glass each of beer or wine, and those drinks must be served before 10 p.m.

Because the bill went into effect on January 1, that means you can hypothetically catch a drink for your next haircut, no problem. Of course it’s all still at the discretion of the establishment, so maybe call around before showing up with a six pack looking for a bowl cut.

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