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LA Magazine Thinks the NY Times LocoL Review Was "Deeply Misguided"

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Plus a Felix update, curated K-town picks, and more

LocoL, Watts
Wonho Frank Lee

LA Mag gives its take on the LocoL controversy

The New York Times critic Pete Wells’ zero-star review of Daniel Patterson and Roy Choi’s do-good eatery LocoL has seemingly enraged many a food writer, as yesterday LA Mag’s food editor Lesley Bargar Suter made some salient points about why the review was just plain unnecessary. It’s hard to argue with lines like:

There is no reason to spend 1,000 words of the New York Times precious space to say that a fast food restaurant doesn’t have great food. And it’s all the more reprehensible when that restaurant is also trying to change lives, save neighborhoods, and offer nutritional options where there aren’t any. [LAM]

Bargar Suter, who worked on a story on the budding chain for a year and a half, also raises the questions of why the media holds “LocoL to different standards than the rest of the fast food world” and why Wells didn’t review the flagship location in Watts. Ultimately it’s a pretty compelling case against the “sucker punch” of a review.

Endorffeine does evening coffee service

Chinatown’s Far East Plaza has struggled to make itself an after-dark destination. Adding to the fight is Endorffeine’s new evening coffee service that offers coffee-driven cocktails and desserts. Dubbed 9 after the intimate number of seats at the counter, the service consists of three courses paired with a cocktail. You can find out about upcoming events on owner Jack Benchakul’s Instagram.

Hinoki & The Bird’s chef shares his favorite K-Town spots

Well, technically it’s in and around Koreatown, as (spoiler alert!) his number one pick is Kali on Melrose. On his LA Weekly list are some gems, like tofu soup standby Beverly Soon Tofu and cheap-as-hell sushi specialist Noshi.

The cutest Sprinkles collab

We could all use a little more squeal-inducing cheer in our lives. Sprinkles is bringing back cupcake mania with an adorable Care Bears collaboration celebrating the cuddliest cartoons’ 35th anniversary, available today through January 25 at all Sprinkles shops.


Nerano does lunch

Beverly Hills’ newest Italian eatery by The Toscana Restaurant Group is now offering lunch service. With menu highlights like yellowtail crudo with crispy capers, Mediterranean salads with quinoa, and a selection of pizzas and pastas, it should be a tasty way to recharge in ritzier parts.

A Felix update

The very highly anticipated restaurant by former Bucato chef Evan Funke seems to be well on its way. Abbott Kinney’s new Felix just got a fresh paint job, which means the opening date could be as close as we all hope.

Ice cream paint job : @evanfunke

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