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Sotta Hopes to Dominate Burbank With All-Day Mediterranean Fare

The Disney-adjacent restaurant does breakfast, lunch, dinner, wine, and takeout

Sotta, Burbank
Farley Elliott

Burbank locals and Disney types have been long looking to Sotta for an opening date. The squat Alameda Avenue restaurant space has been under construction for a bit but comes to life today, working a nearly around-the-clock menu of Mediterranean-leaning specialities, alongside coffee, pastries, and beer and wine.

Sotta is the second effort from the family behind Los Feliz favorite Sidewalk Grill, and carries some of that menu’s greatest hits further north. Expect grilled meats and pita wraps of course, but also room for a variety of salads and sides meant to play to the crowds. There’s a hefty takeout menu to boot too, plus Stumptown coffee and pastries from Pitchoun for early risers. A full opening menu is below.

Inside the Natalie Kazanjian-designed space, expect counter service with some table seating, plus room along the bar and counters looking out the tall front windows. There’s room on the sidewalk as well, totaling up to about 60 seats when all is said and done. Starting today, daily hours are 8 a.m. to 10 p.m.

2009 W. Alameda Ave.
Burbank, CA

Inside Sotta
The small bar area

Seating at Sotta

Outside Sotta

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