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Here’s What Dominique Ansel Is Cooking at His First-Ever Dinner Restaurant

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A discussion of the food at the Cronut®-creator’s new restaurant 189, opening tomorrow

At 189 by Dominique Ansel, a pair of hands rips open a piece of bread.
Ansel preparing a dish for dinner
Wonho Frank Lee

It’s been a long week for Dominique Ansel. The world famous pastry chef has been running dual shifts making sure his downstairs namesake Dominique Ansel Bakery is fully stocked with Cronuts® and confections, while upstairs his evening restaurant 189 by Dominique Ansel is similarly slammed with preparations. Luckily it’s all coming to a head, as today is the first official day for the bakery area, while tomorrow night will see the full public reveal of the restaurant upstairs.

So what does the world’s most well-known pastry chef, the man behind perhaps the most popular single sugary creation of the past 15 years, actually cook for dinner? Let’s take a look.

Black Angus Steak

189 Dominique Ansel
Angus steak

This is the plum sauce-glazed premium Creekstone black angus steak, a $40 main from the 189 menu. It’s meant to be shared, of course, and comes with a wedge of crispy red wine onions on the side.

“Clam Chowder”

189 Dominique Ansel
“Clam chowder”

What looks like a straightforward pasta dish is actually Ansel and his team’s take on clam chowder, with Little Neck clams tucked into tortellini and small cuts of bacon sprinkled throughout a thin chowder broth.

Cabbage Soup

189 Dominique Ansel
Cabbage soup

While this could easily be a straight take on french onion soup, Ansel is instead doing a cabbage soup with browned edges of gruyere and fontina on top.


189 Dominique Ansel

There is also, of course, dessert. In this case a chocolate-y, peanut-y cake creation meant to look like the leftover edges of some prior bake. Dust over with some more chocolate, and enjoy a decadent dinner finisher.

Of course, this is far from the full lineup of dinner food available at 189 by Dominique Ansel starting tomorrow. The opening menu is below.

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