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Louie’s of Mar Vista Shutters Just Weeks After Adding Star Chef

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Chris Feldmeier had just taken the reins of the neighborhood bar

Louie’s Mar Vista
Food from Louie’s of Mar Vista
Farley Elliott

Longtime Mozza chef Chris Feldmeier had only just taken the reins of local bar Louie’s of Mar Vista back in September, but now it seems the place has gone belly up. A tipster first sent in word of the shutter last night, and it’s since been confirmed by a variety of sources.

A call in to the listed number for the restaurant during what would have been business hours led only to a voicemail inbox for the “former Louie’s of Mar Vista,” and the restaurant’s website has been similarly scrubbed. What’s more, one of the most recent Yelp reviews for the place mentions the shutter specifically, saying staff was only notified at the very last minute.

Eater reached out to Chris Feldmeier directly to discuss the shutter, and he confirmed that the place was indeed closed. He declined to make public specifics on what led to the sudden closure, but did say he was as surprised as anyone to be shutting down with such little notice.

It’s an unfortunate turn of events regardless, considering Feldmeier had only just been installed as a partner and the overall chef for Louie’s of Mar Vista in September. He had begun flipping some of the casual menu items at the bar, but otherwise wasn’t tinkering too heavily with the concept or the execution of the four-year-old local standard. Prior to his truncated run at Louie’s, Feldmeier was the chef/co-owner of Moruno (both at the Original Farmers Market and Grand Central Market).

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