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Freedman’s Fills a Jewish Deli Gap On the Eastside Soon

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Not quite traditional, but still keeping with the classics

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The glory of a great deli sandwich
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An unassuming Silver Lake strip mall will soon be home to Freedman’s, a new (and much more stylized) Jewish deli operation arriving within the next few weeks. The restaurant is the word of owner Jonah Freedman, a Torontonian with a love of all things bagels, lox, and brisket.

Signage has been up in the window next door to vegan doughnut makers Donut Farm on Sunset Boulevard for some time, but details have mostly been scarce outside of a few fun Instagram shots. Freedman recently did speak with Food & Wine, though, to offer some details on what’s to become of the former Cuban restaurant space in the strip mall corner.

For one, Freedman’s will be making their own bagels, a Toronto style that is fluffier than its Montreal counterparts. There will also be mutton the menu, brisket of course, and classics like matzoh ball soup. chef Liz Johnson (NYC’s MIMI) is in to help run the show, alongside Freedman and his co-owner sister Amanda Freedman, as well as Nicholas Papadatos.

Eater reached out for a firm opening date on Freedman’s, but hasn’t heard back so far. Still, the arrival of a Jewish deli — albeit one Freedman says “is actually just the old deli after it’s had a few lessons from the Kinfolk crew” — is great news for genre fans who don’t feel like making the schlep to Langer’s, or can’t make the Westlake restaurant’s famously truncated hours. Expect a likely opening before the end of this month.

2619 Sunset
Los Angeles, CA

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