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Tony Yanow and Co. Convince Downtown Bar Beelman’s to Go Fully Vegan

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Plus Evan Funke meets his match, and Pizzana’s truffle glory

An assortment of menu items from Beelman’s in Downtown Los Angeles.
Updated items from Beelman’s in Downtown
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Beelman’s switches things up

Downtown bar Beelman’s Pub is going to look a little different under the rule of Tony Yanow and the Artisanal Brewers Collective. As of today, the property is dropping the ‘pub’ part of the name entirely, and will be switching to an all plant-based menu from chef Caroline Concha.

Yanow, of course, is a longtime vegan — hence the meatless fare at places like Tony’s Darts Away — but reps for ABC says that the company does not have plans to flip all of its recent purchases into vegan-exclusive eateries. So for now it’s just Beelman’s, and otherwise craft beer business as usual.

Evan Funke x Bam Bam Baklava

Rapper Action Bronson is the darling of the food world right now, particularly in New York City. Now he gets to meet up with his own bearded culinary alter-ego in Evan Funke, who was in the Big Apple to work on some things with Vice. The pair seem to have hit it off nicely.

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Barilla on the Left Coast

Casa Barilla has finally come to Los Angeles — err, well, Orange County. The Barilla pasta company’s foray into restaurants began in New York City but is now expanding nationally, with an upcoming location at USC’ Village complex slated for this month. For now though, diners can catch Barilla-mania at Orange County’s South Coast Plaza.

Free food and skates

Santa Monica’s annual ice skating rink is now open for business, and to kick off the 11-year tradition the folks at Ice at Santa Monica are doing a big party and food giveaway tonight. That means free skating and food from Red O, Obica, and more, as well as a gift drive put on by the Santa Monica PAL.

More Mi Corazon

Tonight is the first official night of dinner service at quick-flip Silver Lake spot Mi Corazon. The former Mare space did run through some light soft opening evenings this past weekend, but opens at 6 p.m. today for the real deal.

Pizzana’s truffle realness

The Food Steez dudes headed out to Pizzana recently for a look at the restaurant’s popular truffle pizza, and the video’d results are about as drool-worthy as one might expect. Enjoy.