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Watch Wes Avila Talk Authenticity in New Clip for This Season’s Migrant Kitchen

The award-winning series returns to KCET tonight

The Migrant Kitchen

KCETLink Media’s Emmy-winning local food show The Migrant Kitchen returns to airwaves tonight, and promos for the popular show are leading in with a bang. Case in point: This clip of Guerrilla Tacos owner Wes Avila discussing his version of cooking authentically. Warning, there is some NSFW language in the clip.

Avila’s conversation with the Life & Thyme crew that shot the show is part of a larger episode exploring the Alta California food movement. It’s a culinary sub-genre that Los Angeles has really taken hold of lately, spurred on by cross-cultural cooking from chefs like Avila, Carlos Salgado of Taco Maria, Ray Garcia of Broken Spanish, Eddie Ruiz of Chicas Tacos, and others like Diego Hernandez of Verlaine and Baja’s Corazon de Tierra. Blending European and Asian techniques with Mexican flavor profiles and often hyper-local ingredients, each is set on elevating the conversation around what it means to be Mexican, or Mexican-American, and eating in Los Angeles.

The new season of The Migrant Kitchen launches tonight at 8 p.m. on KCET in Southern California, and on Link TV at 9 p.m. nationwide. A trailer for the upcoming season, which also includes names like Bryant Ng and Kim Luu-Ng of Cassia and the Mahendro family from Badmaash, can be found here. Meanwhile, Avila’s upcoming Guerrilla Tacos brick and mortar should land in the Arts District early next year.

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