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Some Ports O’ Call Village Tenants Are Getting Evicted Next Year in San Pedro

There’s miscommunication between the tenants and developers

The Crusty Crab
The Crusty Crab
Mona Holmes is a reporter for Eater Los Angeles and a regular contributor to KCRW radio. She has covered restaurants, dining, and food culture since 2016. In 2022, the James Beard Foundation nominated her for a Jonathan Gold Local Voice Award.

As the upcoming renovation to San Pedro’s Ports O’ Call Village nears, there is uncertainty on whether some restaurants will stay put. Developers are preparing to tear down Ports O’ Call and install a massive waterfront promenade called the San Pedro Public Market. As eviction notices make their way around, so does confusion.

The Daily Breeze first reported on the complications between the restaurants and developers. Construction begins in the new year, and according to developer Wayne Ratkovich, the only restaurant with an agreement is the popular San Pedro Fish Market, which will remain open until construction is completed.

Acapulco, Crusty Crab, Alaska Seafood, and the 56-year-old Ports O’ Call Restaurant could be on the chopping block next year. Ratkovich also said there was no agreement for Ports O’ Call Restaurant to remain beyond spring, when the remaining restaurants and retailers are evicted.

But Ports O’ Call Restaurant owner Jayme Wilson still books events that surpass the deadline. Wilson declared that the 57-year-old restaurant would be able to remain open during construction, and submitted proposals to remain in an area that doesn’t start construction until 2019.

Ratkovich wants businesses to stay for as long as possible, and implied the confusion lies between the port and the restaurants. “This is really between the port and the tenants, we’re on the sidelines until the port turns the property over to us,” Ratkovich said. “We’re not uninvolved, but we’re just not the responsible party. Maybe we should have done a better job communicating with them; we know it’s unpleasant and it’s going to be tough for a while.”