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Los Angeles Couple Sues Disneyland for Unfair Treatment at Exclusive Club 33

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The membership-only restaurant denies the claims

New Orleans Square at Disneyland

Two longtime patrons of Disneyland’s exclusive Club 33 are suing the park over claims of harassment and retaliation experienced at the hidden members-only venue tucked into New Orleans Square of the Anaheim, California theme park. According to the Orange County Register, the Los Angeles-area couple claim that new management at the club have it in for them, and have unfairly terminated their memberships.

The issue first cropped up earlier this month, when Scott and Diana Anderson filed suit against Disney in Orange County Superior Court. They claim that a management changeover at Club 33 has led to all sorts of problems, including a rise in sexual harassment and an increase in hostilities between park workers and members that could be a concerted effort to drive out older members in favor of newer ones. The Andersons say that they have been targeted in particular after speaking up, and their visiting privileges were ultimately revoked unfairly, resulting in the breach of contract lawsuit.

For Disney’s part, they say in a statement to the Register last Thursday that the Andersons were removed from Club 33’s rolls after violating some undisclosed tenets of the membership code of conduct. Disney does cite an October incident of alleged drunkenness at the posh, private club, though the Andersons say it was a purely medical episode.

For those unfamiliar, Club 33 is part of Disneyland’s ultra-exclusive private club circuit, where members pay an up-front $50,000 admittance fee, and annual recurring fees of $15,000. There’s a long waitlist of potential new attendees, while those already on the inside enjoy upscale food and drink and high-end service from right inside the park.

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