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The Country’s Obsession With Instagram Food Is Changing the Way LA Eats

Plus Howlin’ Ray’s for the holidays, and chocolate in Long Beach

Taking photos of barbecue
Farley Elliott

The Instagram obsession

Los Angeles and, to a large extent, Orange County, is obsessed with Instagram food culture. From colorful shots of healthy bowls to rainbow-spanning grilled cheese pulls, more and more restaurants are beginning to lean into the trend as a way to go viral and earn customers — if even for the short-term.

A new story by the LA Times outlines just how much restaurants are willing to lean on the photo-sharing platform, and what it might mean for the future of food (and diners) in Los Angeles.

Howlin’ shutdown

Howlin’ Ray’s is closing early today (at 2 p.m.) in order for the team to have their holiday party. They reopen on December 27.

More Cuties love

LA Magazine has a nice feature out on East LA’s Cuties coffee shop, the LGBTQ+ positive shop off Heliotrope. It’s a lovely look at a safe space within the greater LA coffee community.

Long Beach chocolate hits the mainstream

OC Weekly has the inside line on all things Romeo Chocolate, an confectioner’s shop on Pine Avenue that is working to craft bars that are truly inspired by the global community.

Bobby Flay x Guerrilla Tacos

Celebrity chef Bobby Flay apparently loves the Guerrilla Tacos cookbook. So much so, in fact, he repped Wes Avila’s freshman effort on his Instagram as a cookbook to get for the holidays.

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