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Help Solve a Jon & Vinny’s Christmas Mystery and Win 100 Pizzas

Plus a new City Terrace coffee shop, and a Hollywood DJ joint to know

Pizza from Jon & Vinny’s
Pizza from Jon & Vinny’s

Jon & Vinny strike back

The Jon & Vinny’s catering team truck fleet was hit with graffiti over the holiday break, but the duo isn’t taking the insult lying down. Instead they’re reaching out to their vast network of supporters to try and identify those behind the incident, while offering a 100 pizza reward. Sounds enticing.

This isn’t the first time the pair has put up a reward for something gone awry, either. Earlier this summer the team’s Son of a Gun restaurant caught a man on camera stealing a family heirloom toothpick holder, and put out a reward that included lots of fried chicken sandwiches. No word on whether that burglar was ever caught.

A new brewery destination

Evans Brewing Company has a new public house for folks to experience in Huntington Beach. It’s at the Bella Terra Mall on Edinger Avenue, and comes with a full lineup of craft beer as well as food and cocktails.

Coffee in City Terrace

The new La Terraza Cafe is open in City Terrace, bringing the craft coffee experience to the edges of East LA. Like other nearby options Primera Taza and Holy Grounds in El Sereno, La Terraza is a spot for unique coffees, takeaway items, and for getting work done. 4017 City Terrace Dr., Los Angeles.

Party time in Hollywood

A faux subway station acts as the backdrop to a hip new Hollywood club called Station1640, says Urbandaddy. The graffiti-covered destination on Cahuenga will also involve house DJs, bottle service, and the usual clubby accoutrements.

KCET’s extended play

KCET is doing a giant food marathon on New Years Day, letting longtime fans catch reruns of their award-winning Migrant Kitchen series. From there, the channel will switch to a show called Meals Ready to Eat, a multi-part program surrounding the food and nutrition of veterans, both active and past.

Pappy’s Rendezvous in San Pedro

The historic Pappy’s in San Pedro is expanding its offerings with the new Rendezvous Room, an event space in the back of the beautiful building with room to lounge, dine, and drink.

Pappy’s Rendezvous Room
Pappy’s Rendezvous Room
Pappy’s in San Pedro

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