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Coffee Man Tyler Wells Flips Familiar Los Feliz Space Into All-Day Cafe

The well-known coffee consultant is putting down restaurant roots

Tyler Wells
Tyler Wells
Courtesy Tyler Wells

Handsome Coffee co-founder Tyler Wells is putting down restaurant roots in Los Feliz soon, with the arrival of All Time. The casual breakfast and lunch cafe will take up space on Hillhurst Avenue, and offer an expanded menu that will include alcohol and occasional dinners too.

Interestingly enough, Wells’s new spot (and first standalone restaurant project) takes over for Twenty40, the quiet coffee and breakfast destination from the McCall’s team. That space never seemed to really catch on with many folks, despite selling some of the area’s best pastries from Karen McCall. But in a part of town absolutely saturated with coffee shops, Twenty40 never seemed to gain a solid foothold.

So in comes Wells with All Time, working an expanded breakfast menu that includes more savory items, as well as the likely usual collection of salads, bowls, and sandwiches for lunch. Jake Cohen will run the kitchen, Ashley Ragovin will handle drinks duties, and Wells will run the coffee side; expect 49th Parallel Coffee to start.

Expect it to take some time for Wells to flip the Twenty40 space, but the plan is to keep on all of the employees when All Time comes back to life. Until then, heavily-saturated Los Feliz has plenty of other options for a cup of coffee, from Blue Bottle to Maru to Go Get Em Tiger on down.

All Time
2040 Hillhurst
Los Angeles, CA

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