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Eater LA’s 10 Biggest Food Stories of 2017, Ranked

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From taco busts to one of Los Angeles’s wildest dive bars

Breakfast Burrito at Lucky Boy, served in a cardboard box next to chili cheese fries.
The Lucky Boy breakfast burrito
Wonho Frank Lee

Los Angeles as a city made incredible moves in 2017, securing the Olympics in a decade while adding an immense amount of retail and restaurant projects right now. There’s more to come for 2018 too, along with giant transit projects and some of the most important names in global cooking landing spaces around town.

But for now, let’s take a look back at the year that was. From taco truck busts to chain restaurant news to Coachella, here were the ten most popular standalone restaurant news stories of 2017 on Eater LA.

#1: Avenue 26 Shutdown

One of the City’s most popular taco stands, Avenue 26 Tacos, was raided by the county back in October, leading to loads of confusion and more than a few hungry customers tweeting out their displeasure. Despite the team’s entire setup being confiscated, they were right back at it the following evening.

#2: Here Comes Cracker Barrel

One of the country’s most prominent regional chains expands to Victorville, CA, putting it right on the path for Angelenos traveling to and from Las Vegas. That’s good news for fans of the homespun franchise, with its country general stores and big sides of grits.

#3: Down the Rabbit Hole

Far from a newcomer, The Rabbit Hole is something akin to a West Hills dive bar institution. Filled with wild Alice in Wonderland imagery and hand-carved chairs — not to mention the actively-engaged staff — the place has become something of a drinking legend for the San Fernando Valley, blood-splattered bathroom decor and all.

Rabbit Hole Bar
The Rabbit Hole Bar
Wonho Frank Lee

#4: Long Beach Chicken Wars

Local Long Beach cafe Sweet Dixie Kitchen caught the ire of most of the internet for at least a few days when it was discovered that they had been reselling Popeye’s chicken tenders for their $13 fried chicken and waffle plates. They ended up turning the whole thing into a defiant branding campaign.

#5: Famous Prince’s Chicken

In more pop-up news, Kim Prince (of famous Nashville hot chicken lineage) launched her own temporary restaurant in Chinatown, serving her take on the spicy bird that has so captivated the city. And just down the street from Howlin’ Ray’s no less.

#6: Coachella’s Food Lineup > Music Lineup

The annual desert music and food festival known as Coachella draws many tens of thousands of revelers out to greater Palm Springs, and news of the bands and restaurants scheduled to be in attendance draw plenty of eyeballs themselves. Case in point: this year’s exclusive preview of everyone heading out to the desert to cook.

#7: Open Air Wonders in DTLA

Downtown’s gorgeous new Spire 73 is an open-air bar with no equal in the entire western hemisphere. The place stands tall over much of Downtown while offering cocktails, small bites, and views to the ocean, Long Beach, and beyond.

Spire 73
Spire 73
Wonho Frank Lee

#8: Los Pollos Hermanos Pop-Up

Fans of Breaking Bad couldn’t get enough of this year’s one-off Los Pollos Hermanos pop-up in Downtown Los Angeles. Part restaurant, part retail shop, the spring pop-up drew tens of thousands of fans.

#9: No More All Flavor

Much like Avenue 26, All Flavor No Grease was temporarily shut down in Watts, after too many hungry diners kept clogging up the street trying to park. Keith Garrett has since transitioned into a full-time food truck schedule, though he still finds time to make it back to his original spot on The Ocho.

#10: Breakfast Burrito Background

Los Angeles loves a good breakfast, as evidenced by this mega-popular look at the ins and outs of the Lucky Boy breakfast burrito. From its history to how its made, here’s a feature on one of the city’s most iconic dishes from top to bottom.

Inside Lucky Boy in Pasadena
Wonho Frank Lee

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