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David Chang’s North Downtown Restaurant Nears Completion, At Least Outside

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The restaurant formerly known as North Spring

David Chang

David Chang’s northern Downtown project that still doesn’t have an official name (though it was temporarily called North Spring), seems to be nearing completion thanks to an observant DTLA resident on Twitter. The exterior looks mostly complete, with a semi-covered patio area, plus a nice burgundy red facade.

Like Bestia, which also has a faux-faded exterior logo, Chang’s LA restaurant has the remains of what looks like “Sunny Trading”. The desert-style landscape could remind one of a restaurant in Phoenix, with a fresh palm tree planted near the entrance. Anyone following David Chang on Instagram can see that the New York City chef has been hitting the local farmer’s markets hard, with a bounty from yesterday’s Hollywood market on his Instagram stories.

Chang’s Instagram stories are a rich place to get hints on his LA restaurant’s menu. As he mentioned on the House of Carbs podcast, meat will be a major focus of the restaurant. He’s already brought a bigtime smoker from a well-known Texas company, which should help with the short ribs he’s planning to put on the menu.

Right now they’re still targeting an opening for this month pending final build outs and staff training.

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