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Australian Model Accuses LA Nightlife Honcho of Aggravated Assault

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Meanwhile he’s filed a lawsuit alleging extortion

Lucy McIntosh and Mark Houston
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Update June 2018: Mark Houston’s Legal Issues End as Former Girlfriend Drops Suit Alleging Abuse [ELA]

This week model Lucy McIntosh accused nightlife entrepreneur Mark Houston of alleged domestic violence and emotional abuse in a candid Instagram post. Mark and his brother Jonnie Houston own several Los Angeles nightlife establishments from No Vacancy and La Descarga to Pour Vous and Black Rabbit Rose. McIntosh is a famous Australian model who won the first season of Project Runway Australia and has been connected to Russell Simmons and Black Eyed Peas DJ Jaime Munson.

In the post, Mcintosh claims her boyfriend Mark Houston broke her nose and caused “physical and emotional” damage. McIntosh says she spoke with Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) detective Christina Strollo and showed her the alleged damage. LAPD Officer Herrera confirms "there was a report taken [from McIntosh] for aggravated assault and due to victim confidentiality cannot provide further." Detective Strollo was unavailable for comment.

McIntosh’s Instagram post, published on Wednesday evening, continues with the caption: “Mark Houston @houstonhospitality @houston_bros did this to me. I am naming his name. Because we can’t stay silent. Women across the world to continue to rise up. #metoo”

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Screenshot of Lucy McIntosh’s Instagram post

There’s already been an outpouring of support on Instagram for McIntosh, while Salon and Perez Hilton have filed initial reports.

Meanwhile, Houston filed a lawsuit on December 6, 2017 at LA Superior Court accusing McIntosh of “fraud, defamation, interference with prospective economic damage, and theft,” according to a story by SFV Media.

Houston also issued a statement on his business’ Instagram before the account was taken private. Eater obtained a screenshot of Houston’s statement below, wherein he says he’s also become the target of extortion. Further, that there is “no truth to the claims being made.” :


The SFV Media article details information from Houston’s lawsuit. Houston claimed he allowed McIntosh to move into his home in 2016 after she was getting out of a “sexually abusive” relationship with a “famous musician.” Perhaps to prove her financial dependence on him, Houston goes on to state that he allowed McIntosh to live in his home rent-free and covered the majority of her living expenses. The suit doesn’t link McIntosh with an individual, but she was reportedly dating Simmons in 2016.

The SFV Media story states that Houston received a demand letter from McIntosh’s attorney in the amount of $657,000. Houston had agreed to pay $9,000 in medical bills for surgery to repair the damage to McIntosh’s face, which she “falsely claimed he inflicted on her.” According to the lawsuit, recorded security footage from Houston’s home before said surgery shows McIntosh was looking “flawless.” The supposed footage would potentially raise questions on the timing of McIntosh’s accusations, and seems like a move to discredit the allegations.

Stay tuned for further developments in this case.