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What Closing a Restaurant Feels Like From an Owner’s Perspective

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Plus a new Blue Bottle in Beverly Hills, and a shutter in Echo Park

The new Blue Bottle in Beverly Hills
Blue Bottle

Closing never feels good

Here’s an interesting take on a conversation that’s been happening a lot in restaurant circles lately: How do you deal with the pain (financial, emotional, you name it) of closing a restaurant you truly believed in?

That’s the question put to Jesse Gomez of Cocinas y Calaveras restaurant group, who recently closed his Valley restaurant Maradentro in December due to slumping sales and a dim path forward. He tells Munchies that the place was busy early on, but inherent stumbles within their business model (and an initial refusal to allow modifications to the food) seems to have set them up for failure without Gomez even knowing it. Now he vows to return to the space with a more casual taco-focused concept called Mercado Taqueria. And yes, you’ll be able to modify your order if you want to.

Blue Bottle opens in Beverly Hills

The next Blue Bottle has arrived, this one on South Beverly Drive in Beverly Hills. They’re officially open today keeping hours from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. daily in a fresh two-level space. 132 S. Beverly Dr., Beverly Hills.

Shake & Bake at Hollywood Farmers Market

Want to give back while eating well? Consider Shake & Bake at the Hollywood Farmers Market on Sunday, where a bevy of the city’s best bakers will be on hand (plus many more) helping young Vivian Wolfson raise money for Inner-City Arts.

Yeastie Boys x Smith & Tait

West Hollywood’s Smith & Tait coffee shop might be tucked away off Santa Monica Blvd., but they just got a big new infusion of fun thanks to the Yeastie Boys Bagels crew. Starting today the shop will be offering bagels and schmear daily from the shop, so all you’ve gotta do is show up.

No more Whisperer

It was a short run for The Whisperer in Echo Park, which seems to have closed last month after just under one year. A leftover Facebook page says someone else is taking the property, but no word on who just yet.

Hollywood’s next hotel restaurant

There’s a new hotel coming to Hollywood called The Everly, and it’s set to open sometime around April. The new spot near the Capitol Records building will offer a street-level coffee experience complete with Italian food, and a rooftop bar with cocktails and snacks.

Grilled cheese on Sunset

There’s a new grilled cheese option up along the Sunset Strip, as part of The Guild has been transformed today into a so-called grilled cheese bar. The opening menu is below, so pop in for a bite and a drink and whatever happens to be on the big TVs inside.

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