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Police Rule Magician’s Death at Hollywood’s Magic Castle an Accident

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A somber weekend for the Hollywood destination

A castle-like building at night.
The Magic Castle in Hollywood
The Magic Castle

Magician Daryl Easton was found dead inside the iconic Magic Castle over the weekend, painting a grim scene at what is normally one of Los Angeles’s most beloved Hollywood tourist dining institutions.

Easton, a working magician with the Academy of Magic Arts, was reportedly found dead inside a showroom, says ABC 7. A preliminary coroners report has listed the death as accidental.

In response to the tragedy, the Magic Castle provided the below statement on their Facebook page.

The Magic Castle is a private club for magicians, invited guests, and anyone staying at the adjacent Magic Castle Hotel & Suites. With its dress code, quirky layout, and halls of tricks and sleight-of-hand work, the Magic Castle has remained one of the most sought-after destinations for tourists coming to Los Angeles, and anyone ready for an evening out that includes dinner and a show.

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