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Shake Shack Spreads Its Wings to LAX, and Yes They Will Serve Breakfast

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Is this the biggest aviation improvement since the Wright Brothers?

Sausage egg and cheese from Shake Shack
Nick Solares

Look alive, weary travelers: help is on the way. Shake Shack just announced a surprise new location inside Terminal 3 at LAX, and guess what? It’s going to serve breakfast.

The expansion into LAX is awesome news for anyone jonesing for great food while waiting for a flight. In fact, upscaling the dining options has been a big component of the airport’s massive upgrades lately, with Terminal 3 acting as a collection point for several local names, including Angel City Brewery and Blue Window.

The expansion into the airport also means longer hours for Shake Shack, and the West Coast reveal of their recently-launched breakfast menu. You can find the entire rundown of available options over at Eater NY, but know this: There will be bacon/sausage egg and cheese sandwiches, coffee, and orange juice. Really, what more does one need when trying to grab and go at LAX?

This new outlet will become the fifth Southern California location for Shake Shack, with others currently open in Century City, West Hollywood, Hollywood, and Glendale. Look for Shake Shack to land at Terminal 3 (current docking point for Spirit Airlines, JetBlue, and Virgin America, though reshuffling at LAX continues) sometime this fall.

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