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Homemade Explosive Device Targets Diners at Cheesecake Factory in Pasadena

The evening incident sent guests scrambling

Cheesecake Factory in Pasadena
Google Maps

The national news media has converged on a Los Angeles-area Cheesecake Factory restaurant after an unknown assailant launched a homemade improvised explosive device inside the restaurant yesterday evening.

ABC News and others have been combing through details in Pasadena trying to figure out just what happened, with facts about the unprovoked attack still being put together. According to witnesses at the scene, a man dressed in dark clothing ran into the Old Pasadena location on Colorado Boulevard and tossed a homemade bomb of sorts right into the dining room. With smoke pouring out and frightened customers unsure of what was happening, the place quickly emptied out and no one was injured.

In the chaos, the alleged bomb-thrower managed to slip away. The Los Angeles Sheriffs Department sent out a bomb disposal unit to make sure the device was no longer a threat, and are actively looking into leads on who might be behind the frightening encounter.

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