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Fast Casual Healthy Eats Anchor Downtown Culver City’s Reemerging Scene

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The new Primal Kitchen takes over for Native Foods Cafe

Primal Kitchen, Culver City
Primal Kitchen

Fans of the forgotten Native Foods Cafe in Culver City can rejoice: there’s even more healthy eating on the way. Signage has now gone up for Primal Kitchen, a newcomer to the clean-eating market that promises “delicious, high quality, nutrient dense foods” in a sunny space that includes room for takeout as well as dining in.

If you aren’t familiar with Primal Kitchen, don’t worry — the place doesn’t exist anywhere yet. It’s the work of Mark Sisson, a health and fitness author with a line of skin care products, supplements, and weight loss tools behind him. He’s partnered up with Mario Altiery of Upside Group, a franchising operation, to nearly simultaneously put Primal Kitchen locations in South Bend, Indiana; Portland, Oregon; Santa Cruz, California; and Downtown Culver City.

When Primal Kitchen opens later this year, guests can expect a casual lunch and dinner experience filled mostly with greens and animal proteins, alongside takeaway salads, premade dinner options, smoothies, and more. Add to the nearby mix the fully-built Cava Grill, and suddenly the market for inexpensive meals in that part of town is starting to look up.

Primal Kitchen
9345 Culver Blvd.
Culver City, CA