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Beverly Hills Beignet Flips Into Yet Another Poke Shop

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Le sigh

B.H. Poke

Beignet lovers didn’t have long to revel in the short-lived Beverly Hills Beignet in the heart of the Golden Triangle. The New Orleans-style doughnut shop hardly made half a year before closing back in December in an ugly dispute between partners Dion Antic and Maggie Finneran.

Of all things the storefront could have become, Antic, who held control of the space, has turned it into yet another poke shop. The restaurateur explained that the quick flip is thanks to the use of existing equipment. So how do you utilize the fryers that made the beignets? Fried poke, of course!

Well, kind of. Diners can get two wild caught fishes fried with furikake-panko crust served over French fries. If you prefer to actually get poke at B.H. Poke, you can get a bright red house-made taco shell to house the raw fish.

Beyond fryer-utilizing fish options, there’s also the standard build-your-own model with a selection of fishes and toppings. But the real question is how long is this poke craze sustainable in Los Angeles? With both one-offs and chains like Mainland and Sweetfin Poke sweeping the city, how many over $10 fast-casual lunch options do we really need?

B.H. Poke
9527 Santa Monica Blvd
Beverly Hills