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A Massive Update of SGV Restaurant Switcheroos and Openings

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LA’s center of Asian cuisine is constantly in flux

Dong Lai Shun, a concept that’s over 100 years old coming in from Beijing

Welcome to Meanwhile in the SGV, a regular update of San Gabriel Valley updates from Eater’s roving reporter, Jim Thurman.

This month, another historic Beijing restaurant is on its way, a local chain further expands, spicy food continues as all the rage and more places for skewers and beer.

San Gabriel: Hot pot chain Dong Lai Shun is coming soon. The original Beijing location dates back to 1903 and is one of the oldest Chinese Muslim restaurants. Being a Muslim restaurant, their specialty is mutton hot pot, using higher grade, thinly sliced meat. The location will be on the ground floor of the newish San Gabriel Skycourts mixed-use development. 402 S. San Gabriel Blvd.

Arcadia: After a lengthy remodel, Super Kingfu Master has finally opened. Run by the folks behind Irvine’s Kingfu Master, the large Arcadia space takes a true sit-down restaurant approach versus the casual, noodles only, small Irvine space. There are noodles, but also a good sized menu of Hunan and Sichuan items. It replaces Kung Fu Kitchen and was home to J.Gold touted Awu Delicious Food prior to that. 558 Las Tunas Dr.

Temple City: Signage is up in Camellia Square for Green Zone. No word yet on opening date, but it will mark the fourth location for the locally based, organic Asian Fusion restaurants, which first opened 10 years ago in San Gabriel and has since expanded to Pasadena and Diamond Bar. 5728 Rosemead Blvd., Unit 100

Temple City: Changes have come to the House of Mandarin Noodle. Not to be confused with Mandarin Noodle House or New Mandarin Noodle Deli, the restaurant has a new owner and a new menu that stresses spicy Sichuan–style fare. The name, however, remains the same. 4819 Temple City Blvd.

San Gabriel: The SGV has a surprising number of Wuhan-style restaurants. That number has been reduced by one as Happy Tasty has become New Tasty L.A. The sign is new, the name is sort of new, the owner is new, as is the extra emphasis on spicy food. However, the chef remains, as do some menu items like hanging pots, dry pots and Wuhan’s signature hot dry noodles, re gan mian. 140 W. Valley Blvd., Suite 209

City of Industry: Miss Tong’s Private Kitchen, which served Chinese Fusion dishes in tajines and had an interesting décor, has closed after 7 months. Its replacement is Focus BBQ, which also has a South El Monte location. The focus is on skewers and beer, but the menu also features some Dongbei-style items. The space in an upstairs corner of Four Seasons Plaza is more fondly recalled as the short-lived eastern branch of Beijing Pie House or as one of the once touted mini-chain, Michelle’s Pancake House. 18558 Gale Ave., Suite 272

Rowland Heights: The oft changing space at the front of Diamond Plaza is being readied for a new tenant, Garden Bistro. This will be brought to you by the same folks behind long-standing Hong Kong-style eatery, Rowland Garden. They do have a license to sell beer and wine. It replaces another Hong Kong café, H&G Cafe. The space has many restaurants, including one-time J.Gold favorite, Green Village. Somewhat humorously, his review stayed on the wall through several restaurant changes. 1390 Fullerton Rd., Suite 101

Monterey Park: After 6 years, H&H Restaurant has closed. H&H had a Sichuan and Dongbei menu and also featured skewers and beer. Its replacement, No. 1 LA BBQ, features…skewers and beer. 429 W. Garvey Ave.

San Gabriel: Giving up the ghost after a year-and-a-half, Meixinyi Bakery has closed. A shame, as the Hong Kong/Cantonese-style bakery had the lowest priced Pineapple Buns and a great quality-to-price ratio. 526 E. Valley Blvd.

Alhambra: Boiling Crab has closed one of their earliest locations. With another location nearby on Main Street and a much larger Rosemead location, the chain apparently felt they could let this one go. It will be interesting to see what takes over this prime location. 742 W. Valley Blvd.

Rowland Heights: Korean BBQ place Honey Pig has closed. Replacing it will be Little Highness Fishpot, which will be run by the same folks that operate the adjacent Little Highness Bao. Fish and seafood based hot pots will feature and they plan on continuing to operate the tiny bao house next door. 18331 Colima Rd.