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Silver Lake’s Genre-Defining Bar Keeper Store Forced to Move On After 11 Years

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The space is a haven for bartenders and the quirky finds they love

Bar Keeper
Bar Keeper, Silver Lake

A troubling email went out yesterday afternoon from Bar Keeper, Silver Lake (and greater Los Angeles’s) premier vintage cocktail accessories store. The place is a haven for quirky, kitschy, and timeless finds, all curated by owner Joe Keeper himself, and has become a second home for many of the city’s finest bartenders and at-home drinkers.

The email reads:

Bar Keeper’s existing lease will be expiring in the near future and we are seeking a new location.

The short note goes on to ask for customers to keep their eyes peeled for any possible new locations that could be a fit, but otherwise there is no official timeline for the closing of the Sunset Boulevard store.

It should come as little surprise anymore that another local landlord is moving on from a long-running tenant in favor of new blood (and more money) from someone else. Just steps away the former Casbah Cafe went down in a blaze of glory a while back, and more recently Yuca’s on Hollywood Boulevard was asked to vacate their tiny space in favor of an unknown new tenant. No word from Joe Keeper on the final days of the shop.

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