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Josiah Citrin Brings Fancy Pants Hot Dogs to Santa Monica

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Mac ‘n’ cheese-topped hot dogs for all

Rending of Dave’s Doghouse Santa Monica

It wasn’t too long ago that chef Josiah Citrin’s cooking could only be experienced in his white-tablecloth establishment Melisse, with the hefty $$$$ price tag that went with it. It seems as though the once exclusively fine dining chef has taken a walk on the casual side, first with the opening of Charcoal before the rapid expansion of his hot dog chain, Dave’s Doghouse.

Roving Westside reporter Toddrickallen caught wind of LA’s first freestanding branch of the elevated hot dog chain that’s taking over the former Santa Monica Electric Co. at 2428 Main St. Attached to the building is a rendering pending design review, with confirmation on the budding chain’s website.

Dave’s Doghouse first opened in Arizona by Citrin's cousin David Cheren. Since then, the specialist in the casual game day favorite opened two stands within Staples Center (near sections 102 and 111), and additional branches in Phoenix and Atlanta. A pending ABC license hints that Westside diners should be able to sip a cold beer alongside a mac ‘n’ cheese-topped dog.

Dave’s Doghouse Santa Monica
2428 Main St
Santa Monica