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La La Land’s Famous Jazz Club Seb’s Is Actually Coming to Life for One Night

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The Long Beach bar that was the backdrop for the film will get a makeover

Blind Donkey

Get ready to strap on your dancing shoes, fans of La La Land. The hit awards season film is slated for a home release on April 25, says Entertainment Weekly, and in conjunction with the roll-out the plan is to turn a bunch of jazz bars into the film’s iconic Seb’s club for one night, including one very important club in Long Beach.

The sort of pop-culture-meets-real-life mashup is nothing new in the digital and food-obsessed world, especially in such a major market like Los Angeles. Just in the past year and a half, a Gilmour Girls coffee shop pop-up drew massive nationwide lines, while locally a recreation of Wayne’s World’s Stan Mikita’s Donuts was put together with the help of the NHL. In fact the latest was just a few weeks ago, when Los Pollos Hermanos from Breaking Bad made a restaurant appearance in Downtown Los Angeles.

Now it’s La La Land’s turn. They’ll be turning Long Beach bar The Blind Donkey into Seb’s for the limited run, and there’s a special connotation to this place considering it was the literal backdrop for the film version of Seb’s anyway. Expect a full neon Seb’s sign, actual live music and cocktails galore on April 25 — though there’s no guarantee that Gosling will show.

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