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Watch Actor Chris O’Donnell Dish on His Upcoming Brentwood Pizza Place

He’s partnered up with the folks behind Sprinkles to bring Pizzana to life

Chris O’Donnell on Conan

Celebrities sure do like to try their hands at the restaurant business, as exemplified by legendary rapper Nas’ latest business venture Sweet Chick on Fairfax. Jay Z is himself a longtime investor in the Ken Friedman restaurant world, and there’s no shortage of behind-the-scenes money coming from Hollywood and landing at LA restaurants across the city. Recently Batman Forever and NCIS actor Chris O’Donnell got in the game as well, this time as an investor in new Brentwood pizzeria Pizzana.

O’Donnell sat down with Conan to discuss the evolution of the new pizza shop that opens today, explaining how backyard pizza nights with Italian chef Daniele Uditi and family friends Candace and Charles Nelson of Sprinkles fame turned into a full-blown business venture.

Head on over to the Team Coco site to watch the whole hilarious thing. It actually sounds like O’Donnell is doing more than just pitching a brand name here, which is nice since he seems to genuinely care about the place succeeding. Catch the full story in the video below, and then head to Pizzana yourself, which opens today.