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Beyoncé Orders Food at a Hollywood Hot Spot and the Internet Goes Wild

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The best memes from the Lemonade singer’s dinner at Beauty & Essex


On-again, off-again vegan Beyoncé posted a slideshow of photos on Instagram yesterday where the goddess of R&B and social media (just look at that follower ratio!) looked striking in a garnet dress. The masterpiece of the collection, however, was an apparently candid photo towards the end of the album where the singer is ordering from a menu.

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The restaurant in question is none other than Beauty & Essex, one of LA’s most glamorous clubstaurants. The restaurant hosted a private dinner where Bey was accompanied by her counterpart Jay (Z), alongside a star watch-worthy cast of characters that included Victor Cruz, DJ Khaled, Kevin Hart, Jarrod Carmichael, and Destiny’s Child backup singer Kelly Rowland.

If you managed to avoid Twitter all day, memes of the photo took over news feeds, with hilarious captions of what the Lemonade singer and soon-to-be mother of twins could have been saying to the attentive server. Here are some of the best:

Eater has yet to receive confirmation if Beyoncé did, in fact, dine on vegan ice water.

Beauty & Essex

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