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McDonald’s Delivery Has Finally Landed in Los Angeles

Bringing those perfectly engineered French fries right to your door

McDonald's To Use Fresh Meat In Its Quarter Pounders Photo Illustration by Scott Olson/Getty Images

Yesterday, UberEats brought its partnership with McDonald’s to Los Angeles, meaning it has never been easier to have a Big Mac delivered right to your door. While “McDelivery” has been available in parts of the world for quite some time now, stateside, the service has largely been limited to Manhattan, New York in the U.S. With the expanded relationship with Uber, McDonald’s is now attempting to reach millennials in LA, Phoenix, Chicago, and Columbus, Ohio.

Although McDonald’s has always been available to mobile app-using consumers in large cities via delivery services like Postmates, Uber has the ability to leverage its network reach to also customers in smaller cities. The push is a great one, with McDonald’s increasing its delivery service from only 200 stores to 1,000 across the country.

And with its new breakfast all day menu, there are some amazing possibilities for late night munchies cravings and day-after hangover remedies delivered right to your doorstep.