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La Barbecue’s Big Texas Smoking Rig Should Arrive in Los Angeles by September

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The bright yellow trailer is reportedly making the trek out west

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La Barbecue meat
Courtesy La Barbecue

The anticipation for La Barbecue is growing, as the Austin-based meat smokers are now claiming that they could be up and running in Los Angeles by September. That’s according to Eater Austin, who offer some insightful gems about the move west.

Eater’s Austin affiliate digs into a bunch of La Barbecue news after the trailer was named by Texas Monthly as one of the 50 best places for smoked meat in all of Texas. In that piece, the magazine praised owners LeAnn Mueller and Ali Clem for their spectacular beef ribs and brisket while noting that they’ll be trading places in Austin and moving into a permanent kitchen space. That frees up their current trailer for all sorts of West Coast smoking fun.

Digging in, Eater Austin has gleaned that Clem and pitmaster Brendan Lamb will both be jumping to LA to run the setup, which will indeed include La Barbecue’s current bright yellow service trailer for cooking. They peg the opening at sometime in September, but there’s no definitive timeline just yet.

The yellow La Barbecue trailer

Mueller has previously told a Texas food blog that she would be landing at Smorgasburg in Downtown, but that’s far from a certain thing at this point. No matter where the bumblebee yellow trailer lands though, barbecue fans are sure to flock.

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