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This Penis Cake Is the Most NSFW Street Food of All Time

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It's called the D-cake, and it's on sale at the Orange County Night Market

D-Cake molds from Yummy Hero
Yummy Hero Facebook

The annual Orange County Night Market is back in full force for the summer, and alongside the usual slew of meat skewers and noodle bowls and rainbow grilled cheeses, there’s one particularly insane new food stall item: the D-Cake. In case anyone hasn’t already surmised by now, the condensed milk-drizzled treat is cooked off in a very, very anatomically-correct mold to look like, well, a penis. For anyone actually curious about what the D-Cake tastes like, it’s filled with Nutella.

(Warning, NSFW photo below)

Even within the one-upmanship that can sometimes emerge from these mega-popular events, local D-Cake makers Yummy Hero might be going too far (or at least going seriously NSFW). The craziest part is, the cake has already proven to be a popular enough real life meme from the market’s short current run that the company is expanding the dish to their actual restaurant in the City of Industry. When Eater reached out to Yummy Hero regarding the cake, this is what the shop said:

D-Cake is a popular product in Taiwan. We try to bring more creative and popular product from Taiwan island to USA ^^

People love it here. And we might provide different flavors in the near future.

The shop began selling the cake at OC Night Market’s first run from May 13 to 15. The OC Night Market returns (D-Cakes and all) from June 16 to 18, and again from August 25 to 27, with limited offerings of the D-Cake available at their City of Industry brick & mortar location.

D-Cake molds from Yummy Hero
Yummy Hero Facebook

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