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Bibibop Asian Grill Takes Over All Shuttered ShopHouse Locations

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Including four in Los Angeles


Bibibop Asian Grill, a Korean fast-casual concept based out of Columbus, Ohio, has assumed the lease for all 15 ShopHouse Asian Kitchen restaurants in Chicago, Washington, D.C., and Los Angeles. That means a customizable Korean rice bowl specialist will soon be headed to Hollywood, Beverly Grove, Santa Monica, and Westwood.

Roving reporter Toddrickallen spotted hiring signs outside the Westside locations, which means the new outlets should be well on their way. Expect a very similar setup to that of ShopHouse, where diners first select their base, this time rice, salad, or a roll, before choosing from a variety of toppings, proteins, and sauces. Instead of having a Southeast Asian bent, however, you’ll find a primarily Korean menu here, which means you’re sure to get your fill of marinated steak, kimchi, and gochujang-based sauces.

Will this Korean operation fare better than the Chipotle-backed ShopHouse concept that failed in a rather major way before shuttering for good earlier this year? Only time will tell.

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