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Plagued By Violence, Echo Park’s Gold Room Closes for Unknown Stretch

One of the Eastside’s most prominent dive bars may be finished

Gold Room, Echo Park
Farley Elliott

One of Echo Park’s most beloved bars, the Gold Room, seems to potentially be down for the count, and now The Eastsider is wondering what’s to become of the place.

According to Yelp the bar is closed, and indeed no one has been able to stop in for a drink for weeks now. Still, it seems a suspiciously quiet end for what has traditionally been Echo Park’s favorite neighborhood spot, and indeed the Eastsider reports that some subtle touch-ups have been happening at the address, with construction potentially going on inside. Eater reached out to get more information on a possible reopening, but so far hasn’t heard back. As the Eastside-centric publication notes, no transfer of ABC license has happened yet, so ownership remains the same.

Back in 2009 the Gold Room underwent a similar shakeup that resulted in new seating and a fresh paint job, but much like Tiki Ti in 2015 this time the bar closed up with no notice whatsoever (Tiki Ti eventually reopened, don’t worry). Gold Room has more recently been in the news for some not-so-nice stories about violence in and around the address, including a stabbing in front of the bar in early May. Another stabbing last fall left two women hospitalized, and yet another earlier incident in 2015 resulted in one man being taken away in an ambulance.

Got any news about what’s to come at the Gold Room? Feel free to hit the tip line, or the comments below.

Gold Room

1558 W Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90026 (213) 482-5259

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