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Mid-City’s Fiddler’s Bistro Plays its Swan Song Next Week

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The brunch haunt shutters at the end of June after 44 years of service.

Park La Brea neighborhood diner Fiddler’s Bistro will close its doors after 44 years in business at the end of June, Eater LA has confirmed. The restaurant touted 1973 as its original opening year. According to restaurant staff, the last day of business is June 30. There’s been no official statement from the ownership about the reason for the closure, though one tipster has suggested that it’s because they’re unwilling to come to an agreement with the landlord on a lease.

In its more than four decades as a Park La Brea institution, Fiddler’s Bistro endeared itself to the local community and pleasantly surprised out-of-towners with their lamb burger with feta cheese, and chicken couscous soup. In addition to solid brunch fare and warm service, it was a regular breakfast haunt that provided nearby residents a cozy contrast to the glitzier options nearby on Fairfax.

Other brunch options nearby include Marmalade Cafe westbound on 3rd and, of course, that french toast at Blu Jam due north on Melrose. And of course, the 24/7 Dupar’s at the Original Farmer’s Market.