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Fairfax’s Pitfire Pizza Will Flip to Casual Pasta and Cocktails Spot Next Week

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Paul Hibler’s American Gonzo restaurant group is shifting focus

Pitfire Pizza, Fairfax
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Paul Hibler, founder of Pitfire Pizza and the greater Superba restaurant brand, is flipping things at one of his more popular corner locations along Fairfax. As of next week the Pitfire Pizza there will cease to be, with a new pasta, pizza, and cocktail spot taking its place.

Though nothing is confirmed yet, there’s a good chance the place will be called Rosalita, which is a nod to a Bruce Springsteen song. The plan with Rosalita is to turn more towards the Superba Food + Bread side of things, opening up the menu to include breads made in-house, pastries, pastas, fuller seasonal entrees, and even butchery and charcuterie. Pizza will remain on the menu (and likely wine and craft beer too), but guests should also expect an expanded cocktail program down the line.

Tasked with leading the late-summer charge at the new restaurant is Doug Miriello, a Gjelina group chef, who will be taking some of that rustic, seasonal ethos and applying it here.

Staff has been notified of the Pitfire shift, and offered positions at other locations around town. That just leaves the actual shutter, which is reportedly happening on July 15, followed by a two-month overhaul of the space to bring the new concept to life. Hopeful diners can ideally expect Rosalita (or whatever name the restaurant ultimately takes) to land sometime in August.

801 N. Fairfax Ave. #101
Los Angeles, CA

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