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Police Look For LA Woman Accused of Drugging and Robbing Men She Met at Clubs

They’re asking for help and circulating a photo

The Argyle

A Los Angeles woman is suspected of drugging and robbing multiple men after meeting them at nightlife venues across Los Angeles, reports LAist. According to the LAPD, the suspect met two men on March 5 at The Argyle club in Hollywood before returning to their residence in Studio City. Detective Joseph Hampton stated that she “singled out some affluent, single men who were wearing high-end luxury watches,” then allegedly mixed an unknown substance into their drink to drug and incapacitate them.

CBS reports that the woman took off with $200,000 worth of jewelry and cash, including three expensive watches and a bracelet. After waking up and contacting police, the two victims found two dissolved pills in their drinking glasses.


Police are seeking help in identifying the woman. She is reportedly around 20 years old, five foot six, and 120 pounds, and is suspected of four other similar crimes in West LA and Beverly Hills. Have information? Please call the LAPD's North Hollywood burglary detectives at 818-754-8377.