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Grand Central Market’s La Tostadería Brings Fresh Ceviche Goodness to Venice

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The casual Mexican seafood specialist should open by late August

La Tostaderia
Fish tacos at La Tostadería
La Tostadería

A new Westside location of Grand Central Market vendor La Tostadería is set to open by the third week of August, bringing quality Mexican seafood at a reasonable price point to a part of town that could sorely use both.

The Venice outpost will slightly expand their menu beyond their current selection of tostadas, aguachiles, soups, and tacos. TimeOut noted a jicama-wrapped taco with a squid filling and avocado purée, as well as a wonton that resembles a taco stuffed with tuna tartar and vinaigrette.

Fernando Villagomez, Gerardo Reynoso, and Sandra Felix opened the La Tostadería in 2015, but this Westside outpost goes into a familiar location. Röckenwagner’s 3 Square Cafe was the previous tenant for a decade until a rent hike forced the bakery out. As one of the early pioneers of Abbot Kinney’s newest wave of restaurants, it came as a bit of a surprise when talks broke down between the landlord and the Röckenwagner Group. Because other long-standing businesses are being pushed out on Abbot Kinney, the question remains if La Tostadería can make a lasting impact at such an expensive location.

La Tostadería
1121 Abbot Kinney Boulevard
Venice, CA