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April Bloomfield’s New LA Restaurant Will Have Beastie Boy Mike D Pouring Wine

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Hearth & Hound opens on September 22, with some big names attached

April Bloomfield
Daniel Krieger

Start clearing out those calendars now, because Ken Friedman and April Bloomfield are locking in a date for the opening of their first Los Angeles restaurant. And now they’ve even got a name for the place: Hearth & Hound, to go along with a couple of big hires — including Mike D of the Beastie Boys.

Per a report from Bloomberg today, Bloomfield and Friedman have landed on a very British pub-sounding name for their West Coast venture. It’s certainly in fitting with the style of the space, as the longstanding Cat & Fiddle (again with the ampersands) held reign at the property for years, until ultimately being forced out in a somewhat acrimonious dispute. They have since moved over to their own new space along Highland.

Oh, and they’ve hired Mike D of Beastie Boys fame to help run the wine list. The self-admitted wine geek is partnering up with none other than Taylor Parsons to coalesce the wine side of the equation, while Bloomfield is working with a slew of talented chefs (including Eater Young Guns winner Debb Michail) to craft a menu that she tells Bloomberg is “a little bit of fresh, a little bit of fat.” That means lots of vegetables, cooked birds done either in an open hearth or on a French-style rotisserie, some red meat, and (surprisingly) no burger on the opening dinner menu.

A few other tidbits from the Bloomberg piece: There will be a private dining room (of course), and the restaurant will take reservations. The Hearth & Hound’s opening date is slated for September 22, though so far that’s not exactly set in stone.