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Bravo's Lisa Vanderpump Eyes More West Hollywood Restaurant Space

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That’s according to TMZ, anyway & Elite Daily Holiday Party With Jason Derulo
Lisa Vanderpump
Photo by Rob Kim/Getty Images for Daily Mail

Apparently Lisa Vanderpump is on the restaurant warpath again, this time plotting to open another eatery on the same West Hollywood block as two of her other properties. The longtime reality television star already operates Villa Blanca in Beverly Hills, as well as SUR and PUMP Restaurant Lounge in West Hollywood.

Predictably, TMZ got the scoop on the planned new restaurant, which according to them is slated for a reveal sometime in November. TMZ is also quick to point out that (according to their sources, at least) the restaurant will open “on the same block” as SUR and PUMP — a curious fact, if true, given that there are only a few other current restaurant spaces on that block: Tortilla Republic, Bossa Nova, and Hedley’s. That is, not withstanding coffee option The Assembly, a juice place, and The Abbey.

So if the location is mostly accurate, where’s the most likely space to land a new Vanderpump property? The now-shuttered Le Relais De L’Entrecote around the corner. That restaurant group spent a pretty penny building the place out before shuttering quietly, and there’s still an active alcohol license for the property, making the whole thing pretty turnkey for anyone interested. Eater reached out to confirm the possible address, but so far hasn’t heard back.

Back in January of 2016 Vanderpump seemed primed to take over a clothing boutique around the corner on Santa Monica Boulevard as well, with aims to turn the space into a restaurant of some kind. Vanderpump scrapped those plans, however, as earlier this year the address had a for lease sign out front, and there’s been little to no movement on the city paperwork front.

As for what the new restaurant will actually look like, it’s still to early to tell. TMZ says Vanderpump is partnering with show leads Tom Sandoval and Tom Schwartz on the venture, and that it could be called Tom & Tom — though that could be a bit of a head-scratcher for confused tourists given the proliferation of South Korean Tom N Toms coffee chain locations across Los Angeles.

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