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Rowdy Uber Riders Go Berserk, Smash Driver's Windshield at Hollywood In-N-Out

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They had just come out of a Hollywood bar

An Uber meltdown

A rowdy pair of Uber riders reportedly damaged their driver’s car during a late-night In-N-Out run in Hollywood on Saturday night. And as CBS Los Angeles shows, much of it was caught on camera.

The incident happened well into the evening on August 19, when two women requested a ride from Uber. Driver Travis Cole answered the request and picked up the two women outside of a Hollywood bar. The pair seemed intoxicated, Cole tells CBS, and things pretty quickly fell apart. At least one of the women allegedly threw up in the backseat, prompting Cole to force the whole car out at the In-N-Out in Hollywood along Sunset Boulevard.

From there, the duo got into a number of different altercations with bystanders and onlookers, and even took to Cole’s car, smashing his windshield with the heel of a shoe and causing plenty of other damage — in addition to that backseat vomit. Police arrived on the scene, arresting the women and posting bail of $20,000 apiece.

Of course, this is nothing new for In-N-Out. The Hollywood location specifically has for years been a flash point for over-served late night crowds, and the company as a whole continues to weave in and out of the headlines over the years for various reasons — most recently an embezzling scheme at a nearby warehouse.

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