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Ludo Lefebvre’s Star-Studded Guest Chef Series Returns to Trois Mec

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The ongoing “2 Chefs: A Dialogue With Food” nights bring big names from all over

Ludo Lefebvre’s home kitchen, looking clean as the chef stands behind his range.
Ludo Lefebvre
Wonho Frank Lee

It should come as no surprise that star chef Ludo Lefebvre has similarly-famous chef friends, and that those friends might want to come to Los Angeles for a night and cook. That’s exactly what the annual 2 Chefs: A Dialogue With Food dinner series at Trois Mec promises to deliver, with names like John Shields, Gavin Kaysen, and Enrique Olvera coming out for an evening or two.

Tickets for Ludo’s 2 Chefs series are on sale as of Friday, with specific dates running now through the end of the year. So far the roster of confirmed names is as follows:

Hugo Ortega, Houston (Caracol, Xochi)— September 16
John Shields, Chicago (Smyth & The Loyalist) — October 8
Gavin Kaysen, Minneapolis (Spoon & Stable, Bellecour) —October 28
Jamie Bissonnette, Ken Oringer, Boston (Toro, Coppa, Little Donkey) — December 5/6
Enrique Olvera, Mexico City (Pujol, Cosme) — December 7

Perhaps the biggest name here is Enrique Olvera, the Mexico City chef who has not one but two restaurants on the San Pellegrino World’s 50 Best Restaurants list. He’s also expanding his seminal restaurant Cosme to Los Angeles sometime next year.

There are other names, including a big final dinner for the year, to be announced later. Each is slated to cost $150 a head (that does not include the mandatory service charge of 18%, or wine pairings), with tickets going on sale this Friday at 10 a.m.

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